Professionalism is not born out of chance.
It is PASSION that bears professionalism,
PROFESSIONALISM –  gives quality, and
QUALITY – is a luxury in life,
especially today.

Jacek Walkiewicz, Polish psychologist and inspirational speaker.

Plywood is unique in nature

The uniqueness of plywood edges combined with innovative thinking resulted in creation of a unique series of parametric furniture. The very idea of parametric furniture is that there are never going to be two identical products created. Same way as in nature there are no two identical trees, there are no two identical pieces of plywood. Paying homage to tradition, all our luxury products are handmade from beginning to end. Despite digital times we live in, we have remained loyal to the now forgotten artisanal skills.

Our experience working with plywood showed us that uniqueness can be a standard and contributed to exceptional nature of our designs.